Spanish for Healthcare Workers - Any Ideas?

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    hello all. i am hoping someone in the chicagoland area may be able to help me. i just graduated from nursing school and 32 hours post graduation my classmates started complaining on our facebook page that they were bored. well i told them i was going to take spanish for healthcare workers this summer and the next thing i know, everyone wants to take it with me. all that being said...

    does anyone know of where i could find a spanish for healthcare workers class?

    we are out in the western surburbs, but wouldn't be opposed to traveling an hour to get there. i have already checked local community colleges and tried googling it, which got me on-line programs and books. so i'm looking for any other suggestions that you may know of.

    thanks so much for any help you could provide....


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    If you can get a job in the Northwestern system, they offer courses through the Feinberg school.
    Also, check out Cervantes in Chicago. Personally, I think that knowing basics has to come before medical Spanish, so that might be a good place to start for some people. It doesn't seem that they currently offer a medical spanish class but maybe they'd be willing to start? I know that it would be immensely popular. Regardless, they do offer private classes, and if they would be willing to tailor it to medical and anatomy jargon in your private sesssions, I think that would be well worth it. Cervantes will do Spanish lessons at hospitals and companies so maybe they'd be willing to come and do a group thing for graduates of your class if you get together and try to do something like that? It's worth asking anyway.
    Instituto Cervantes of Chicago: Learn spanish in Chicago
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    Found another Chicago resource for medical spanish:
    Spanish Studio | Spanish Classes Chicago