South Suburban College LPN/ADN Question

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    So I'll be done with my LPN pre-reqs by the end of Fall Semester 2011. I am going to try to take Bio 102 so I can take Bio 185 in the Summer. I am taking Bio 115 because I was going apply for the LPN program and then bridge over. Now I'm having second thoughts. I'm thinking maybe I should just do what I need to do and go right into ADN.

    My question is do I really have to wait until after I finish Bio 185 before I can apply for the Fall 2012 ADN class? Is Bio 185 something I can take my first semester ADN?

    Let me know your thoughts. I still have time to get out of Bio 115 and take Bio 102.
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    from what I heard is that majority of the people applying to that school took the courses that were needed for LPN and RN, when they applied to the school they applied to both of the programs in hopes of getting into one of them. I wish you the best of luck
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    Got the answer I needed today and hopes this helps someone else. You can apply for the LPN program if you are enrolled or passed the pre-req's, but you can not apply to the RN program until ALL the pre-req's are done. So for me, that won't be until Spring 2013 if I wait on ADN. I'm going to go ahead and apply for the LPN program for Fall 2012, when the time comes.
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    South Suburban will not be accepting any more applications for the RN program until late 2013. They have cancelled all CNA, LPN and RN programs until then. So, I have decided to go to Brown Mackie for the Occupational Therapy program. Kinda disappointed in South Suburban....

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