So conflicted!!! Resurrection University?

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    Hi guys!! I just completed my sophomore year in a Bachelors degree program for nursing. I have 2 more years left but..... I hate my school and desperately want to leave. I feel like I have to self-teach myself everything and its just a sucky environment. Sadly, I have to retake my Fundamentals nursing course this summer because I received a C in the class. I'm becoming so unmotivated. I love nursing, don't get me wrong. Its really the setting and people there.... I'd much rather be back in the city of Chicago. The only problem is that I receive great financial aid at my current school. That's the only thing that has kept me there for 2 years. I'm really looking into Resurrection University. I saw a couple of info about it but not too much. Does anybody know the minimum grade requirement to receive in their nursing classes? Is the program organized? Expensive? Do you really graduate in 16 months? Any type of info is appreciated!!
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    Most if not all of your questions can be answered on the school's web site.
    The minimum grade required to pass any course in the nursing program is 75%.
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    Anyone else with info/or advice?
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    I am starting in the fall. So far its very organized, and I'm super Type A and think its pretty organized. But I've only gone through the admission process and dealing with stuff before school starts (registering for classes, immunizations and titers, etc). So I can't speak to the program itself. However, I have wanted to attend Resu since I went to an open house. Every step of the way I have just felt really good about it, and have been drawn to this program for myriad reasons. Maybe you can send your stuff to admissions and start on the online application, so that you can go in and meet with someone and get a feel for things. There's an open house this fall too, I believe. One thing is that the program is accelerated so if you had issues with a traditional school, in 8-week blocks things will be even more chaotic.
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    I just graduated from ResU. I would recommend it to people whose goal is to graduate in a short amount of time. The program is fast-paced (it is accelerated after all) and you need to keep up, but it's doable. Your life for the next 16 months will will still have a life but you're going to be in absolute school-mode while you're there. A lot of the negative comments about ResU are from a couple of years ago when they had a few horrible instructors, and that has been dealt with. As far as organization, I would say the first semester is unorganized - I actually hated school during the first term - but after that it's all good. The problems in the first term were r/t too many people and too little space, as well as them not explaining how to do careplans, plus the stress of 2 ATI exams in one term. There are a lot of people out there that expect roses and sunshine and those people aren't happy with the school because they have such high expectations. Nursing school isn't easy. As far as graduating in 16 months, you will definitely graduate in that amount of time as long as you don't fail any class. If you fail a class, either by not making the 75% rule or by failing the course ATI exam twice, you will be behind by one semester (6 months longer). Out of our class of 56 people, around 13 people were held back because of failing (most of those people failed Patho). There have been recent changes at the school - different teachers have been teaching different subjects so the cohorts behind me have it easier than we did. Also, they are making big changes at the school because of its impending move to the Chicago location and I feel like the school is going to get better and better.
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    Any more advice?
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    you'll have to ask with more specifics in order for us to give you input.