Rush GEM v DePaul MENP programs

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    Hello All,

    I'm in the process of researching Master's programs in the Chicago area and I'm targeting Rush and DePaul as my top choices.

    I'm planning to apply to both but would like to hear from current students or recent grads of each program or anyone who had a similar choice to make and why they chose one school over the other (Rush v. DePaul).

    The curriculums seem to be comparable, so what are the main differences recent graduates have encountered? (i.e. finding employment within your desired area) Does one program save graduates time or money in eventually going back for an APN?
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    Hi there. I had the same situation and I picked Rush. I am waiting to interview so I'm not in the program yet but I can tell you that a big difference is that Rush is an MSN program whereas DePaul is a masters generalist degree. Also with Rush you can take the Clinical nurse leader (?) test. There is also the added bonus of Rush being hospital based so clinicals are run more smoothly whereas I have heard some other programs had problems securing clinical positions. Rush is also ranked 15th in the states!

    I am sure both programs are great so it will probably come down to your personal goals- either way I wish you luck : )

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    Thanks Renee. Good Luck on your interview! I'm still well over a year from applying since I have to do all my pre-reqs.
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    Thank you! Oh I forgot to add that Rush also changed their required courses- it's much easier to apply now : )
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    How did your interview go with Rush?! Are you officially a student?
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    Hello- yes! Interview was really smooth and relaxed- stressed way to much over it!
    And just finished my first term 2 days ago : )

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