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  1. Hello all,

    Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone who has applied for the January 2013 cohort of the GEM program. I recently completed my supplemental application and I'm waiting to hear about an interview. In the meantime, I'm trying to find out as much as possible about the program, and Rush in general. I'm planning to attend the July 2nd information session.

    Please chime in if you're in the same boat!

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  3. by   steph24
    hey Luke!

    I just scheduled my interview for July 16th, had any luck finding out more about what to expect? I am also wondering what the timeline is after the interview for finding out if we get in.

  4. by   lholladay
    I scheduled mine for the 25th, so you'll have to let me know what it's like.
    I've emailed some friends who applied for the Fall start date, so I'll let you know if they get back to me with any info.
    The decision date is listed as early September, so hopefully we'd know by then.

    Good luck!

  5. by   steph24
    Hi Luke!I had my interview yesterday and it went really well. It was pretty laid back and I'm sure you'll do fine. I heard they had a huge application pool in February so some of the spots were offered to feb applicants for spring 2013 because they had so many qualified. So I think they are interviewing less than the normal amount. Good luck!Stephanie
  6. by   lholladay
    Thanks so much for following up. I'm glad your interview went well. It seems like a lot of programs are having deferred enrollments from previous semesters. (My fall application to Loyola got pushed into Jan 2012.) If they are interviewing less than usual, I suppose we are lucky to have gotten the chance! I'll let you know how mine goes.

  7. by   b2094041
    Hello all!
    I just found this post and I am very happy that I did. I am also applying for the January 2013 cohort and actually have my interview tomorrow morning! I'm very nervous and hope all goes well because acceptance into the program would be my absolute dream (as I'm sure it is for everyone on here!). I will let you all know how it goes so that if anybody has a question they can feel free to post here (:

    Good luck everybody!
  8. by   staysea13
    Hey guys! I actually just got contacted from DePaul for their MENP program that I can start in Fall 2012 for their cohort, but Rush is still my first choice. Anyone know people in either program for some insight on which is better/what differences are? I am still holding out for Rush, but I'm nervous so many people got pushed back to January start that applied for Fall! Let me know what you guys think! Oh and I also had my interview and it went pretty well, so fingers crossed.
  9. by   b2094041
    Staysea13: I know a few people who have graduated from both programs. Those who attended DePaul said that they loved the fact that it was a little more flexible when it came to working and attending classes. I guess DePaul's classroom time isn't M-F, so they said that they were still able to hold down part-time jobs during the entire program. (I'm not 100% if this is still true or not) A downside to DePaul, from what they told me, is that since there is no affiliated hospital with DePaul University a lot of their clinicals were at awkward hours and sites. One person even said that her clinicals would get cancelled and switched at the last minute. Both programs are amazing, so good luck with your decision! I, too, am worried about the applicants with deffered enrollment who will be starting with the Spring 2013 cohort, but during my interview Molly said that we "shouldn't worry too much about it". I guess they were extremely selective this year as to the applicants that were to be interviewed, so I think the fact that we all got interviews is a good sign! (: I am such a ball of nerves and will continue to be until the final decision is made. Ahhh, good luck everybody!
  10. by   lholladay
    Had my interview Wednesday and it seemed to go pretty well. They mentioned that we might find out about the admissions decisions earlier than September 1st, which would be great. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we will be seeing each other in January.
  11. by   steph24
    I found out I got wait listed but guaranteed admission for May 2013. I'm hoping I still get January as I'm 3rd on the wait list. Bummed to not have gotten guaranteed for January but happy to be accepted. We'll see what happens! I'm guessing you all got in! good luck!

  12. by   lholladay
    I just got my email this afternoon - I'm in for January! Good news on being guaranteed for May. Hopefully you can sneak into the January cohort, though.

  13. by   anitadoula
    Hello all! I got my acceptance email yesterday for this spring! Congrats and good luck to all!

    @Steph, I'm almost sure you'll get in for the spring being that you're #3 on the list. I heard the cohort for the fall took in a lot from the wait list.

  14. by   shipmatey
    @lholladay, @anitadoula when did you guys interview? my interview was last week & I have heard NOTHING from Rush. I am checking my email every 5 minutes but no love it seems. Does anyone remember if they said anything about multiple rounds of acceptances? I don't want to jinx myself but has anyone out there gotten a rejection letter yet?

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