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Hello all, Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone who has applied for the January 2013 cohort of the GEM program. I recently completed my supplemental application and I'm waiting to hear about an interview. In the... Read More

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    It looks like to start a FB group, you have to add at least one friend to it. Bre, I sent you a friend request so that I can add you. Then I'll post the link here.

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    Here's the group:

    Hopefully it will just let you join up. If not, you can friend me and I'll add you.
    Here's me:
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    Thanks for creating the FB group Luke. I've sent my join request

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    Ahhh I had put up to receive emails when someone replied to this thread but I must have messed something up because I didn't see all these! I just joined the group and hoping I get accepted to the January cohort still! Thanks Luke for putting the group together. Thanks for the support everyone and I hope I hear something soon!

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    Hey Steph! I am #4 right behind you on the wait list. Have you asked when we might hear? Can you let me know if you get in, then I'll know I'm the next one? I'm stressed waiting for the news! Thanks!!

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    Hey Stacey!

    So I emailed with Molly yesterday and she told me that everyone for the January class had accepted and confirmed. I asked her if she thought that was normal or if people still tend to drop off of it etc and she didn't really answer but said I should maybe plan on the May class. I am bummed because I had my heart set on being 3rd on the wait list I thought I had an excellent chance of still getting into this cohort, but I don't think so now. So I don't think it's looking very good for us. I think if people drop off it can happen at any time and they will add people all the way up to the day before classes start I think. So if it happens, it could be very last minute. For me, with having a baby at home etc, I am not certain I will be able to turn things around that quickly so if that happens, I may still have to go for the May class anyway, but I'm not sure. I know in previous classes they took a ton of people off the waiting list, but I think it's because they decided to admit more students for that semester, not that people dropped out. But I promise to keep you posted to my progress and if I hear anything! I don't want to tell you it won't happen, because I don't know if Molly was just trying to not get my hopes up etc. But I really have no idea to our chances. Are you deciding between anywhere else? I did get into DePaul for the January class, so I have some decisions to make.

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    How much is the total estimated cost for this program? The flat rate price listed on their website seems too low for some reason. I also can't find any information on out-of-state costs. Thanks for any information!
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    They are both private so there is no in state/out of state, it's all the same. If I am calculating properly, both programs cost $64k total for the entire program (2 years). I think DePaul is $600/hour and it's 107 credit hours to graduate = 64K and RUSH is ~$10,500 a semester x 6 total semesters = 63K. If I am wrong someone please correct me. I am positive on RUSH, but not sure if I was reading properly for DePaul.
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    Hey Stephanie! Yes, I got into DePaul for January as well...I actually got in for Sept, but Molly had told me it would be a good idea to defer, which makes it an extra bummer that we probably won't get in until May! I just don't know if I can wait that long, I feel like I have to start in January. I will probably end up at DePaul in January if nothing happens at Rush, as much as I want to go there. Maybe I'll see you in January
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    I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the lowest COMPETITIVE score on the GRE is. I think I read that a score of 150 on each section (math and verbal) is considered competitive. However, this is only the 50th percentile. That doesn't seem to be that "competitive." Can anyone elucidate further on this?

    Thanks !

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