Roll Call!! Actual Chicago/IL Salaries!!

  1. Hey there all my fellow nurses.... So I have a bone to pick with Chicago/IL for possibly paying much less than they are reporting to various salary reporting websites and even the bureau of labor statistics (BLS)!! This has been called to my attention as I recently relocated from NY and after doing EXTENSIVE research online regarding the pay scale for RN's in Chicago and ended up being offered $5 less per hour and thousands per year less than average as reported by the BLS! And I have 4 years relevant experience! Do you ever worry your getting unfair low ball compensation? I feel hospitals may be doing this assuming us RN's are not really sharing information such as what our compensation is and what we should be expecting in different areas. I'm asking you all to break the silence and participate in a roll call exposing the REAL wages being offered out there to Chicago/IL RN's! I think this participation may help a lot of unanswered questions/inquiries for those of us in the field or new to the field based on location/experience/specialty. I'll start it off!!

    Chicago/4/OR/31.75 per hour
    (location/yrs experience/specialty)

    Thank you in advance for your participation!!
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