Rockford Nursing Schools?

  1. I asked this in another area, but did anyone get accepted into either Saint Anthony's college of nursing or Rockford College school of nursing? What year, and what were your overall GPA and science GPA and TEAS scores? I have 3.5 overall and 2.7 science gpa (I STUPIDLY took a&p, inorganic chem, and micro in the same semester!!! along with a new job! I regret that SOOO much now!) and my TEAS was 84%. I'm taking the TEAS over, SACN said not to, since my reading was 100% and english 94%, but I know I can do better on the science-I only had a week to review for it. Thanks for you responses, I'm on pins and needles waiting!
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  3. by   Nicole Anderson
    I was accepted to both SACN and RRVC RN programs for fall 2010. I chose St Anthony's because either way I am in it for another two years, so I might as well walk away with a Bachelors! My overall GPA is 3.07 and my science gpa is 3.5. I got a 95% on my TEAS.
  4. by   StuNursNikki
    Congradulations! I have a feeling my science GPA is what's bringing me you mind sharing what books you studied from for the TEAS? That's an awesome score!
  5. by   Nicole Anderson
    I'm not going to be much use for you there... I have to admit I didn't study for the test.
  6. by   CherryRed23
    I applied at Highland in Freeport and got accepted, but I had to jump throiugh the same hoops to get there. I got an 81.4% for my overall score on the TEAS. I took it a second time because I needed to have atleast an 82% to receive the highest points possible in that area of my application (for the way Highland does the application process). The second time I took it I got an 87%. Reading was 100% both times. GPA for science is 3.24 and overall is 3.20. I don't know if that helps you or not. Good luck!!
  7. by   Samantha_22
    I know this is an old post, but has anyone heard anything about Rockford college schools of nursing?!?

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