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RN hourly salary in Illinois - page 4

hey guys, I've been an RN for about 7 months now in California. I work at Cedars Sinai who pays really well. ive had an idea of moving to Illinois cause I have alot of cousins over there. i just... Read More

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    BSN-RN with no experience, now doing orientation at a nursing home in chicago, $25.00 an hour!!! I was expecting more. Lol I don't really know if this is a "good enough" pay, but owel, it's my first RN job here in the US, so can't complain....
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    I'm not sure where everyone is working or going, however I have a friend that's an LPN and was offered $25 /hr in the south suburbs. At the nursing home I work at new LPN's start off at $23/hr and most other nursing homes in my area do the same. Not sure about RN's
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    That's wonderful that you start out like that. Such a blessing from god..
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    Hello, Do you know what hospital in chicago offered you a new grad position.
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    i work at st anthony too

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