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hey guys, I've been an RN for about 7 months now in California. I work at Cedars Sinai who pays really well. ive had an idea of moving to Illinois cause I have alot of cousins over there. i just wanna kno (they live around... Read More

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    Because there is no nursing shortage. There are thousands of nurses who cannot find employment in Illinois, and across the country. Mostly new nurses but experienced ones as well.
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    I had two job offers as a new grad. The base was $26 for both facilities in Chicago, but they had different shift differentials.
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    I am $27 as a new grad RN, registry.
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    Quote from Aurora52
    Why are new grads having a hard time finding jobs?

    We recently emerged from a very deep recession.

    Healthcare is not immune to the same hiring jitters that affects every other industry.

    Preceptor/internships, training new grads is much more expensive than hiring a skilled and experienced nurse
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    Hey I know everyone is worried about finding jobs after school but, every year people also retire. Just dont give up fighting what you have all worked so hard for. I know I wont!!!
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    Cedars Sinai? Lets trade places!!!
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    I work in Chicago and new hires usually start off at 26/hr. This can change depending on the hospital, but most range from 24-28/hr. Hope this helps
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    It really depends on your experience and the amount you ask for.
    At my hospital, starting nurses usually make $26/hr after their 90-day probation period. I started at $28/hr because I came in with experience.
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    Unrelated question, I guess, but I'm wondering if any of you newly hired nurses had to have a hair follicle pre-employment drug screening? I'm just a liiiiiitle worried about how far back that testing goes. Thanks.
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    BSN-RN with no experience, now doing orientation at a nursing home in chicago, $25.00 an hour!!! I was expecting more. Lol I don't really know if this is a "good enough" pay, but owel, it's my first RN job here in the US, so can't complain....