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Hello, I decided to start this thread as I am applying to Resurrection's night program for the fall. I was just wondering if anyone else was applying and what parts of the process have you completed? I just sent in my... Read More

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    Haha me neither

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    As far as I know, the uniforms are ONLY to be worn when you go to clinical sites because you are representing the school. Also, that would've been nice to know that we need our own stethoscope so I could've gotten it! Lol. Oh well. Does anyone know where we are supposed to park? Just in the parking garage? Do we just use our ID badges to get into there?
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    Also, just like Alecat86, I forgot where to download the Microsoft Office. I know it was on a random website he had us go to.
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    The email said that we need a parking sticker to be able to park in the garage and that we will get that at the ID/Welcome desk or something like that.. I didnt get the stethoscope yet either. I think that we also need to wear the uniform during the Health Assessment and Promotion Lab but I'm not sure
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    I don't have a parking sticker. But your badge lets you into the parking garage. I'm not sure where we get the sticker.
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    I was just accepted for the Spring semester and I had a couple questions for y'all! First I guess is how are your classes going? Second, I was just wondering how crucial it is to have a vehicle to get to clinical sites and such? I'm moving to from NoDak, and was originally planning on selling my car but not if the clinical sites aren't easy to get to via transit. Thanks!
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    Hell Everyone,

    I just want to say Congrats to everyone that started their program Fall 2013!. I am planning on applying for the Summer 2014 cohort. I have a pervious Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I am starting to study for the TEAS exam and writing my personal statement. I just wanted to know how was you all first term, how is the faculty, and any tips?
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    Hi everyone, I know that its been almost a year since any activity, however, I am interested in attending ResU and just wanted to get some feedback from you guys so far on your experience.

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