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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the process, so if you have any... Read More

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    Im on the E/W program and my Prof. for Patho is also Osowski... Does anyone know if Bonnie's tutoring sessions are also available on a E/W schedule?

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    Are we supposed to do anything before classes start? I remember that during the orientation someone said that eCollege was going to be available a week before class started, but I have no idea what eCollege is for...
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    I know they are having that meet and greet to meet students and advisors on Monday for daytime students and Tuesday night for e/w students and I was explained all our questions we still have will be answered during that time
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    Anyone else trying to figure out what to wear on "the first day of school" ? I am not wearing our gross Resu polo shirt, that's for sure! I assume we have to wear our uniforms/scrubs not only to clinicals but to our lab classes as well? That puts me in that ill-fitting outfit two times a week not counting clinical day.
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    Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Im still not sure what to wear, but I might not have enough time to change as I will be going right after work...oh well...
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    I was told by John that we wear our casual clothes and at the meet and greet they will explain what we wear for what classes
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    Hi guys, I can't believe there's only two days left already. Talk about excitement!!
    So, does anyone of you here still waiting for their loans to get accepted? mine is still pending...
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    Everyone should go check their schedules in their student portal immediately... Just checked mine to see what instructors I have, and my ENTIRE schedule for both Terms A and B has been completely changed around, different times, different days, the whole shebang... Good thing I don't have a work schedule I was accommodating, or I would have been royally screwed. I got no notice, no alert, no email, nothing. I would have shown up Monday at 7:30 am like a fool with no class to go to and gotten really angry. Just want to save others the same grief.
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    I notice my schedule was changed awhile ago to make room for my clinicals... They do need to give notice because now I have 4 days of classes at 700 730 compared to my two days .... About the loans I don't think they are accepted till the loans actually are given to the school just like the grants..... I hope this school becomes more organized and has anyone had their clinicals placed in their schedule and location of them???
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    My clincials are still not scheduled.

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