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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the... Read More

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    My lab for Health Assessment is for Wednesdays and my Health Assessment lecture is on Thursdays. Its that normal? Does anyone else have a schedule like that?
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    The Syllabus for Health Assessment from prof. DeWolff has under the assignments "Fundamentals ATI" followed by page numbers. Anyone have any idea what that is...If its a book, I dont think I have that one, and its not (i think) listed under the required books...
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    My schedule is as follows

    Monday-- Nurs3141 1130 to 130pm

    tues-- clinicals??

    Wed-- Nurs3141 lab 730 to 1130am Nurs3131 lab 1200 to 200pm

    Thurs-- Nurs 3140 730 to 1030an Nurs 3141 1130 to 200pm

    Friday-- Nurs 3140 730 to 1030am TSS001 1030 to 1130am Nurs 3131 1200 to 200pm
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    You don't have to buy your ATI books. You can go to and download it for free in pdf format.

    You may have to wait for the setup from your school when you go to the 'seminar' they make first semester students do to get your ATI school code.

    I never bought any ATI books.
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    Hi PrayToThe Unicorn. Have you been ? well to answer to your question... I got informed about the changes, but it was because I check the resu student email account everyday... it was informed just 2 days ago though...check your account... I can't believe we are just 2 days away !!!
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    Thanks fgreen that makes me feel better!
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    Good luck everyone starting next week

    You will pass NCLEX on first try when done with this program.
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    thanks fgreen! I am nervous and excited!!! After seeing some of the stuff on e-college I know we're in for a lot of work, wow.
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    In trying to figure out what textbooks to carry tomorrow for foundations of nursing but there is five books and I'm not carrying all of them!! I was thinking on just bringing my laptop notebook folder and pens/pencils... Any suggestions??
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    So after reading the syllabus for Health Assessment, I was very disappointed to learn that we are not allowed to record lectures unless we are given permission by the professor...are there ANY professors who allow student to record lectures?...I have a hour long commute that I wanted to use to listen to lectures...
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    I think they all do if you just ask for permission. There was some bad behavior by some students recording lectures awhile back that may cause a few not to allow this, but I think if you ask, the worse they can say is no.

    I know Cronk allowed it and so did Stark/LaCivita.
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    I have a question, where do you guys live? Are there any good apartment around logan square/bucktown/ukranian village area? I just got accepted into spring 2013 program and need to find an apartment, haven't find one that I like Any recommendations/info would be great!! Thanks
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    Of course there are good apartments but you have to keep looking. People aren't moving around as much these days. Craigslist and maybe use an apartment service that's free. You could also try looking at craigslist under subleases and take over someone else's existing lease. Also, what about domu? I se billboards for it on the bus all the time.