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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the process, so if you have any... Read More

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    Yes we registered for both term A and B. Earlier on this thread someone put the list of all those classes so you can go back to compare. You should be able to register for them online through your student portal.

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    Thanks, I went and registered for Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing and Health Assessment II for Term B. My academic couselor is out of vacation but I asked someone else from the university. He said I was supposed to be registered for Term B. Its fine now.

    I also emailed them about the Nursing Package, but no one answered my question. I wont have Foundations of Nursing till the next semester, so I still dont know if I need the Nursing Package now or if it can wait. Help?

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    Now that I am registered for Term B, the tuition due is double what it was before. Still no word from Financial Aid. Arrgg!
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    I need help I don't know if I will be able to afford textbooks!! I don't have money and my financial aid hasn't been awarded yet... I'm in a rut with having other child expenses and i have been applying for scholarships left and right but havent been chosen for any yet..I was wondering of anyone on here has any ideas or suggestions I'm in desperate need and don't know what else to do ;(
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    Storshar. Im sorry to hear about your situation. I havent heard anything about finacial aid yet, and with tuition due 10 days from now, I am also freaking out.
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    You will find out about your scholarship when you find about your loans and other financial aid. If you haven't already, why not email the bursar, which is who you pay for school, and tell him/her that you aren't sure if you can pay because you've heard nothing about financial aid. Also, stay on Shirley like bees on honey. It's the way to make things happen.
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    Thank you annie23 and praytotheunicorn I will make sure to contact both bursar and Shirley.. Shirley told me my financial aid would be posted two weeks ago now and I turned in my documents the day I recieved them. so I'm frustrated more now because they are unorganized probably because of the big move..
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    What documents are you referring to? The FAFSA and financial aid authorization form?
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    I have received no documents at all from Shirley. What documents did you receive Storshar?
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    The authorization form and my marriage certificate I uploaded them right when she had posted them to my document center which was last Monday and still nothing from her!!

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