Resurrection University 2011 Cohorts

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    I was wondering if anyone else is applying for the Summer or Fall 2011 cohorts for the Accelerated program at West Sub/Resurrection. I met with the admissions counselor and went to an open house and it seems like the requirements have changed. Has anyone else noticed? i.e. a letter of recommendation is no longer required and the TEAS min score is now 70ish instead of 80.

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    I was thinking of applying here as well. Do they have an online application or should I meet with someone at the school first?
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    They have an open house this Saturday at 10am. You can sign up online for it - . I thought it was really helpful to meet some of the faculty, students and be able to ask questions about the financial aid and class schedule.

    I also went in and met with one of the admissions counselors to see what I would need to take to fill in any of the class requirements.

    The application is online as well -

    When are you hoping to start?
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    What programs do they offer?? Accociates in nursing or bachelors and up?? Anyone have any more information on the requirements?
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    Since this program is only 16months how many classes are you taking each semester?
    In which way do they not treat you guys well. Also I noticed it is a catholic school is that conflict?
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    Letters have started to go out. Has anyone else heard? Anyone set on starting here in Fall? I am considering it.
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    I was accepted into their program in the Fall 2011. Just heard from them today!
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    Hey KKat,
    I was just wondering when you applied and if you didn't mind sharing your stats? GPA? Teas test? etc. I just recently finished my application last minute but am worried it might be too late for Fall 2011. Congrats btw!
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    I think you still have a chance as long as you take the TEAS test as soon as possible and get everything in right away. I took the TEAS a week ago and got a 83.3%. My current GPA is 3.77, but had taken some classes at another school where my GPA was in the 2's. So overall I would guess my GPA is in the low 3's.
    Good luck!
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    did they call you? email you? or how did they let you know? thanks!

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