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Hi Everyone! I just got into St. Xavier University's nursing program! And, I got a scholarship! Yessss!!!:lol2: I've also been accepted into Lewis University's program for the spring!Does anyone know these two schools'... Read More

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    i graduated in dec. '03, so don't worry!

    did the lpn to bsn bridge. all tital about 3 years.....2 years part time (i do have a mortgage!), and the last 2 semesters full time; wasn't in too much of a rush.

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    Hi, I was recently accepted into SXU's BSN program. It's a career change for me. I have been doing technical and biomedical recruiting. I'm so excited about a path in which I can serve others, and humanize the medical experience for patients. I guess that I'm wondering, too, about SXU's reputation, what its hospital affiliations are, and what the program's strengths are. I would also love to chat with others who are going to school there, or have gone to school there.
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    We meet again! I was accepted into SXU until I found out I wouldn't start clinicals until the fall of the following year. I had all the pre-reqs done but had to do like 2 or 3 of "their" electives. West Sub said they could get me in the following semester so that's why I decided to go there.

    If you do decide to go to SXU make sure you meet with an academic advisor and find out exactly what classes you'll need to take as soon as possible and when you'll start clinicals. Unless you mind waiting a year. I was happy when I got accepted and then disappointed by the thought of waiting a year. It's up to you. I wanted in quicker since I'm getting older (30... something). :wink2:
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    does anyone know the difficulty level of admission for their LPN-BSN program?
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    I have questions about sxu!!!! Can you send me your email? thanks!!

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