Question about drug testing in IL

  1. 0 I am scheduled to start at a new job on Saturday (2 Saturday's/month) in an outpatient surgical center. Most patients are under conscious sedation -- lots of Versed going around, I think.

    I am concerned that the facility never called to schedule a drug test, and I do not know if my refernces were ever called.

    Does anyone know if drug testing/reference checking in IL is mandatory? I'm getting concerned about who I will be working with if they do not check referernces or do drug screens, given the nature of the work.

    Any insight is appreciated.
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    I'm not sure...but where I work did both...

    Best wishes!
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    Quote from USA987
    I'm not sure...but where I work did both...

    Best wishes!
    Thanks USA987. I'm getting a little hinky that the corp. is so lax -- haven't heard a word from them since I signed the contract.

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