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Hello. How are you? I am a registered nurse in Houston, Texas. I will be moving to Chicago this summer. I need to find a job in Chicago. But I have no contacts. and still trying to figure out how to transfer my license. Please... Read More

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    Calling is hard to say. Some have the human resources off campus.
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    Yes I want to work full time. I don't have experience with Epic. I was also looking for tuition reimbursement cause I will be starting school in August. Thank you for your help.
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    Do u have any experience with any electronic charting? Use the name of the charting you use and see if any companies need help with this in chi town. Don't get discouraged, Hr works very slow so it might be a while before u hear back. It took a company30 days to call me in December.
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    Ok I will keep on applying. Thank you for your help. I do have experience with electronic charting
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    Quote from Bells23
    Some of the major magnet hospitals in Chicago are Rush, NMH, University of Chicago, Children's Memorial, RIC, and Advocate Illinois Masonic. There are a few more though. The hospitals in Chicago are looking for experience, certifications, BSN, leadership, and community service. Make sure to highlight these areas in your resume.

    Transferring your license is a pain, but easy enough. You will need to go to this website:

    Click on the appropriate "written application" link for your licensure. Then, choose the "endorsement" application. Print and follow the steps for the endorsement requirements. Make sure to send everything in a neat package, otherwise receiving your license may be delayed.

    Hope that helps
    Thank you for your help. I do have a BSN and eight years of nursing experience. I also have leadership experience. I would like to work at University of Chicago in the research department. If you have any tips I would really appreciate it.
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    A few suggestions:
    Check the web for Advocate Healthcare, Provena, Adventist, Edwards, in addition to whats above (some are in the burbs)

    For LTC, try Manor Care

    Lots of Chicago area listings on

    Chicago-Land is huge. Any specific areas you are focusing on?

    Thank you for your help. I would like to work close to downtown Chicago. I am interested in working in a hospital as a CM, UR or Research nurse. Is it hard to get a job in the hospital setting. I am interested in University of Chicago. I would really appreciate any advice.

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