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    I have been looking @ the CLC Nursing Program since I live in the area, but it appears that it is full time or nothing. Does anyone know weather they offer a part time program?? Please Help! Thanks!
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    If you are talking about the College of Lake County ADN nursing program in Grayslake, IL it is part-time. You can go to school during the day or evening. The evening classes normally start at 4:00 or 4:30 for the clinicals.
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    Thank you very much!! This is A LOT of help!!! I was worried that I am doing all of these pre-req's and will probably be starting the CNA program in January, and then have to trans to another college... as I cannot do full-time at this point!!

    Once Again THANK YOU!!!
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    You are welcome! I am actually finishing up some classes at CLC so that I may transfer to Milwaukee School of Engineering to do there fast track nursing program. I will get my BSN in 2 years since they have classes every 10 weeks but that is a full-time program all during the day. It was just to hard for me to get into CLCL nursing program because I could never get a high enough score on the NLN. I wish you the best of luck.

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