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Online Nutrition Course??

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    I am starting nursing school in January, but still need to complete my nutrition pre-requisite. Does anyone know of any online nutrition courses? I would love to do it online so I can clear more of my schedule for work.

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    You can take it online through the City Colleges of Chicago. They offer quite a lot of sections for it so you don't have to worry about not getting a spot for the class. Plus, tuition is $87 per credit hour ( so 3 x $87), $45 online class fee, $30 registration fee, and $50 part-time student fee. It adds up to $386, but that's better than what a private school might be offering. Look into it and ask any questions you have. I am a student there and will be starting nursing school at Truman this fall. Good luck in finding the right online course for you and good luck in nursing school!
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    Waubonsee Community College has it available online. I would guess it would cost more if you are not a local resident. Great teacher too.
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    The tuition would be different if you're not a resident of the area (as the poster above me mentioned). Sorry, I totally forgot about having to live in Chicago to get that tuition.
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    Nutrition is a course that is popular for the online method of instruction. You should find the course at several community colleges and universities near you, or you can do an internet search to find it at another insitutution.
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    i second the vote for waubonsee cc's online course. i had the instructor for a&p i last semester and she is fantastic! she is always available to assist students...she truly wants you to succeed.
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    I also took the WCC teacher for APII. I wish I had known about her for API. You have to try REALLY hard to not do well in one of her classes.
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    Is the online class at Truman a lot of busy work? And do you have to go in for a written test?