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Hello Everyone... Is there anyone in this program or plan on attending fall 2013. I know this is a fairly new program. I just want know is it a good program and are they well organized. I plan on... Read More

  1. by   gatorem
    I'm looking at this program as well. I know most of the coursework is done online. How many days a week are you actually on campus or in clinicals in each term? I have 2 kiddos so just trying to get a picture of what it will look like. Thanks!
  2. by   LadyRNER
    @nursinggoal I won't give exact details but I was hired at a critical care dept at a hospital in the suburbs.I did not expect to get this job and went for the interview just for interviewing experience. Once I was offered the job, I took it ...well, after I took that job, a bunch of other hospitals were calling me for interviews. Must have been some kind of planetary alignment lol. Anyways, critical care is very tough for a newbie and i do not suggest it unless you are highly motivated and easily bored with basic nursing. One thing i like about it....1-3 patient ratio instead of the 5-7 patient per nurse you will get at any other unit.
  3. by   FNA2181
    Hello LadyRNER, BSN. I would like to say that I agree with you to a certain extent. CNA is very basic and you can pretty much learn all you need to know in one day. However, the point of nursing school is not to know zero about nursing, that's why there are prereqs. That being said, due to the accelerated nature of this program, and as you admitted in a later post, they can't and don't teach you everything there is to know about nursing. It is a little scary when third level students still can't grasp the concept of needle gauge size or what a bevel is or when a second level student doesn't know the difference between PRN and TID. Experience is (almost) everything when applying for jobs, and the more you can put on your resume, the more likely you are to get hired. Hospitals are looking for experience and as a new grad it's a catch 22. But if you were a CNA, CMA, phlebotomist, etc. that IS experience. They will look at you as a more rounded individual and consider that previous experience as a benefit; if there's low census, this person can do "blank." Which I believe will give you an edge over others, IMHO. Thanks!
  4. by   AMK1866
    Hi hldelcourt -

    I was wondering if you could private message me through my email account..kannmarie@yahoo.com. I have a few questions about the program! Thanks!
  5. by   Daniel W.
    Try avoiding this school (the oakbrook location). They are extremely nice to you initially but they will take your money and toss you out of the program in the middle of the program. Go to another school if you can. I have about 5 friends who got tossed out of the program for various reasons. Avoid the ABSN program at this school at all costs.
  6. by   Sarah858512
    I just graduated from Olivet Nazarene University's Accelerated Nursing program in Oakbrook this past Fall semester. I wouldn't recommend this program to the worst of my enemies. This program is a living nightmare.... it's completely disorganized and they are only interested in taking your money while making you go through a lot of unnecessary problems. They blame students for everything even though there staff is least interested in teaching or helping students. I made it to graduation only because of my determination and inner strength. Professors only care about getting their paychecks on time without doing any work especially the faculty in level 3 and 4. Whenever you have a question they made us run in loops. If you had a problem they played checkers with you while not providing you with the appropriate resources. I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone who wants to be nurse as you will spend most of your time crying about things in this program because and you will find that no one will help.

    Dont take your chances at this school. It is better to take a chance at a casino in LAS Vegas than to try and graduate out of here.
  7. by   honeybunforever
    I just completed the ABSN program in Oak Brook. Call me lucky....I have seen many of my classmates pushed back or dropped from this program. If I could go back to this University, I WOULD NOT have done it. This program is very overpriced ($55K) for what you get. The instructors do the minimum of what they have to to "educate" their students (cancelled labs, unanswered emails, etc). Be warned: you will be teaching yourself how to become a nurse. My advice is to get your Associate's RN at a community college (substantially cheaper), get a nursing job, then go online to get your BSN somewhere else. I passed only because of my own hard work. And I was certainly not the only student that felt this way.
  8. by   Crystal2094
    I attended their ABSN program at Oakbrook campus until they threw me out of the program due to discrimination. I will not apply or attend this school if you are a black student. Many Professors are very discriminatory and show racism when grading your exams. All my black classmates including some of white students will admit to the existence of racism among professors. Do anything possible to avoid this school if your Black, Latino, Hispanic, or Asian.
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