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Hello Everyone... Is there anyone in this program or plan on attending fall 2013. I know this is a fairly new program. I just want know is it a good program and are they well organized. I plan on... Read More

  1. by   schmojoe042
    I signed up just to enter this discussion and vent my frustrations with the ONU ABSN program.
    First, StudentForever77 you hit it on the head. If you started there you can't quit, you've already spent too much money and time. And the administration uses that to treat the students like garbage. The program is not about teaching its about revenue, they found a way to cash in on people wanting to pursue a nursing degree. They went from a 30 student cohort to 74 at $55,000 a pop. You get nothing for your money. But they will fail you in a second.

    They are all about you when recruiting, and Financial aid is always happy to help. They call you, you pay them and that's where the personal attention ends. Try getting a hold of them to explain the poor scores on an exam. No answer.

    Somebody made a comment about Chamberlin being disorganized, and I believe they fired some instructors over there. I know that because guess what? ONU hired two of them to be lab instructors. A cohort lost the initial instructor to a better school halfway through the semseter. ONU left the students hanging the second half. It was awful, the labs were a mess nothing there was no instruction.

    Caroyln, you sound motivated, but let me tell you can only take so much from these people. They lied to some students about the Patho requirement. These were students that were struggling with the one class which is listed as a pre-req. They asked about dropping it, and stayed in the class even when they were doing poor at the request of the instructor. He said he would do something like curve the class. Some of these people were failed, but passed all their nursing classes and were not allowed to continue because their GPA was ruined. Students who did drop the class were allowed to retake it and stay with the course. This is the kind of miscommunication you have to deal with. Everybody tells you something different. Now these people have a permanent grade on their transcripts preventing them from continuing at ONU or applying somewhere else. Their rules mean nothing.

    Take your time and apply to a true and tried program. This is not worth your time. This is not an online program, it is a teach yourself program. You don't need this.

    A Christian Purpose? Yea, sure.
  2. by   atompk2
    Oh wow I didnt know it was that bad. I couldnt start this September because I didnt get approved for student loans but now you are making me reconsider.
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  4. by   sweetsassi78
    Hi I am looking to start this fall could you tell me what the schedule is like. I have two young children one who is in school but one who will be 2 1/2 when I start. I guess what I am asking is what type of childcare do I need to look for? What are the clinical and test schedules like? DO I need full time or can I get away with grandmas watching him? Thank you in advance !!!! also here is my email if that would be better for you to respond sweetsassi78@yahoo.com
  5. by   jcrock1
    Have full time childcare available. I'm currently in the 3rd semester and I can tell you that the schedule constantly changes. Right now we have 3 classes with a clinical portion. We did not get our first clinical schedule until 8 days INTO the semester. We also were notified of a mandatory lab 3 days before. Don't count on having a set schedule week to week, things get changed without notice. The school could care less about employment or children... so good luck!
  6. by   gholtman
    Has the program improved at all? I am set to start in May, though I have applied to other programs. These comments are scaring me though! I don't want to get into a program that doesn't care about its students!
  7. by   quaky1
    No it's aweful
  8. by   quaky1
    They don't teach. One of the worst proframs
  9. by   gholtman
    When does the first cohort graduate?
  10. by   Iun83
    I was going to look into this, I was admitted to the school as a traditional BSN student... Not so sure if I want to take the ABSN route anymore:-$
  11. by   annalismatta
    How has the program gone? Would you recommend this program to me I am planning on January of 2016. you can email me at annalismatta@gmail.com or comment below. I would greatly appreciate it
  12. by   nstudent123
    these comments are scary!!! I got admitted into the ABSN program this fall 15', I have taken the HESI and required Patho, all I have to do now is wait on all my transcripts to be looked at again and I am currently going through finances now. with everyone's comment on this program, is it bad like its more independent where you learn on your own mostly and not teacher dependent or is it teachers that are bad and don't teach? which is it and I sure was researching if anyone completed the program but haven't found any success. I was torn between Olivet or Resurrection....:/ hope Olivet is not bad as it seemssssssssssssss
  13. by   FNA2181
    Hey everyone! It's a little scary that nobody has posted to this thread in over a year? What do all the graduates have to say? I took pathophysiology with Olivet online just to get a feel for it. Loved that class, loved the Dr. I'm starting 8/24/2015 (like, in 17 days) and I'm super excited and nervous. PLEASE could some of the graduates who were posting negative things here 3 years ago (wow, this thread is old) please stand up and tell us how everything ended up? It would be great to have some feedback. On a side note, I work for Presence Healthcare (formerly Resurrection) and had 18 letters of recommendation from MD's, DO's, and other nurses, managers, and staff and Resurrection University denied me 3 times without ever a really good reason. Talk about a runaround! I'm so glad I got into Olivet so I can finally leave ResU in the dust. I cannot recommend that school to anybody! Thanks for listening and again, if anyone could give some 2015 updates that would be great:-)