Oakton vs. William Harper

  1. Hi all,

    I've finally made a decision to move towards an ADN, and I'm going to put all of my effort into applying to either Oakton or Harper. I'm at Oakton now, taking my prerequisites. I really like the campus and the professors that I have there, and I've heard good things about there nursing program, but I'm not so blown away by their nursing curriculum. The curriculum doesn't differentiate between lecture and clinical, and it has about 7 less hours (based on the prereqs I will have taken) than Harper.

    Meanwhile, I really like Harper's curriculum, which is clearly defined, and on average 3 lecture/3 clinical per semester (with a few extra classes added in).

    I will have to change residency to be considered at either location. From what I've read it seems much easier to be accepted into Harper while living out of district, and Oakton's spring cohort is half the size of their Fall cohort - whereas they are equal sizes at Harper.

    If anyone at either school can weigh in on the program, I'd really appreciate it.

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  3. by   cityof_wonder
    Im at Harper and some of the info you have is wrong. In the fall they have 80 seats available and in the spring only 40. It is very competitive to get into their program just like most nursing programs in the area. You should attend an information session to answer alot of your questions and they'll give you a mock schedule to give you an idea of what your week would look like. Also I was told that the schedules they give you don not include the 5+ hrs you spend in lab practicing your skills.