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  1. Hello fellow nurses! My name is Walter and I have a situation that hopefully I can get some feedback on. I graduated from the University of Michigan Flint in 2004 and immediately moved to Chicago and passed my boards there. However, I had a DUI conviction so they put my nursing license on probation right from the start. Anyway, I did not adhere to the terms of my consent order so my license was suspended in June of 2008. I have since gotten a petition to restore my license but am kind of stuck because it recommends an attorney. To complicate matters, I am currently living back in Michigan and would just like to get the suspension lifted in Illinois so I can apply for a license in Michigan. Does all of that make any sense to anyone? I know it's a long story but if anyone has been through something like that and can steer me in the right direction it would be a BIG help. Maybe there is an attorney that is highly recommended in this area and works for a decent price? I'm new to this site and am not sure how to retrieve messages so I will also leave my e-mail address for any responses. Thank-you for your help!!!!!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Since this is your license and livelihood I would want the best attorney regardless of the cost. This will be money well spent. Some ideas:

    1. Since nursing hearings are conducted in Chicago (versus Springfield), I would do a search for nurse attorneys in Chicago and start calling.

    2. Ask how many times they have defended people before the BON and in what type of cases. Most BON hearings involve diversion, criminal acts, and then practice issues.

    3. If you have your own malpractice insurance (which was in effect during the time of this incident), I would contact them because they usually have a license defense clause too.

    Good luck. We can't recommend individual attorneys but we do advise you to do your homework.
  4. by   Walter79
    Thank you for responding. I will take your advice and start making some phone calls. You are right about the money being well spent.