Nurse to patient ratios

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  3. by   thumperRN
    I hope and pray that it goes through!!! I have at bare minimum 10 pt's a day and most of the time it's more like 12. I'm going job hunting when my contract ends if this nonsense keeps up. I am tired of feeling like my license is on the line everytime I clock in.
  4. by   PurpleHairUnicorn
    They need to pass something similar for ltc. Currently they look at staffing over a 24 hr period, counting office nurses and administration (if applicable)for their nurse hours total. Which amounts to 164 residents,2 nurses (usually lpns) 5-6 cnas on night shift,and then the facility has the nerve to say "By guidelines we are OVERSTAFFED on night shift."
  5. by   meownsmile
    AM glad i found this thread, thanks for the link.
    This has been in discussion for a couple days now at my hospital. The concept sounds good, but there are still a lot of questions that need to be adressed.

    For instance... if you have 20 patients on a unit. The staff mix is (per matrix) 2RN's, 2LPN's and 3 CNA's. If mandatory ratios are implemented it is basically only cutting up the assigned patients differently. STaffing numbers will still be the same. The only difference is an LPN will have her own assigned patients, with the RN ultimately responsible for that LPN's patients too. So divided up each "staff" would have 5 patients. Only now the RN is responsible to do her own dressings and oral meds for 5 of those patients along with assessments of the rest of that team. Because in acute care settings LPn's dont do head/toe assessments. At least as far as i know the RN has to sign off on any of that.
    UHGGG,,, not sure if this would be a good thing. Juries still out for me i think.
  6. by   mark hamel
    Non - profits hospitals are upset over a nursing union report... :smiley_ab

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