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    Hello Everyone! Wondering if you anyone can give me a few pointers. I just got accepted into northwestern college for fall 2013 nursing program and I got my packet (which I'm working on)
    I have a couple questions 1. Does anyone know what the accreditation process is like? 2. Do you guys like the program? Is it hard? When are classes? Clinicals? Where was the clinical? 3. Also, I saw flu shot. Do you have to take it? How can I get out of it?
    I'm pretty excited and nervous about this program Also has anyone graduated and were you able to find a job right away? Thank you so much

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    Hey. I am taking my Teas test tomorrow for this program :-)
    Hope to see you there.
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    How was the TEAS, any suggestions? I'm also applying for NW. Any advise would be great. I'm planning on taking it next month.
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    The test went ok. I got a 73.3% which is passing. I only studied for a week and a half. I wish I could have studied more to get a better score. i have been accepted into the program for Fall 2013. So yay for that!!!!
    As for as the test goes...the science was my hardest subject.
    Reading 73.8
    Math 90
    Science 70.8
    English 60

    Are u taking the test at NW? Have you been talking with ---? (she is pretty cool) Are you done with you pre-reqs?
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    I will be starting in the fall as well! I took the teas last year and it wasn't that bad
    I scored a 99 on my reading and 98 in English on the compass, so I'm hoping to receive a scholarship.
    I have been working with Faye, she is sweet!
    I'm taking biology, chemistry, composition and math this summer. I'm nervous about such a course load, but I think I'll be okay.... :-/
    I don't think you can get out of any of the requirements, maybe try emailing ----?
    For those of us who are starting this year, would you be interested in a Facebook group? I know last years class started one, let me know and I'll star one up! Good luck everyone, see you in a few months!!
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    So I am in the process of trying to squeeze in for Fall 2013. I have all of my pre-reqs done so I would only have to take nursing courses I really hope I get in, I am waiting to hear back from ---. Sorry for the late post I just found out about the college having a nursing program and I applied, then I started looking for advice and info, and I stumbled across this post. Hopefully I will join you ladies this Fall
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    Just a friendly reminder that per Terms of Service to not post personal names. Several posts were edited to remove them.

    Moved to IL State Nursing Programs
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    Yes. I would love to start a fb group. My niece has already started and completed her pre-req at NW. You might have seen her already. She is taking bio and chem now
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    Hi ladies! Looks like i will also be joining you this fall. Are any of you taking the CPR class
    At NW next Friday?
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    Yes I am taking CPR on 6th

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