Northwestern College Bridgeview ADN program graduates or applicants? Accreditation? Northwestern College Bridgeview ADN program graduates or applicants? Accreditation? | allnurses

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Northwestern College Bridgeview ADN program graduates or applicants? Accreditation?

  1. 0 Hi, I applied to Northwestern College's nursing program in Bridgeview, IL and got an acceptance letter recently. Has anyone graduated from there or is still in the program? How is it? And if it's not accredited is it not good to go there? I know the school is not new, just the program is. Just seems like Bachelors programs take a little more time and I'd like to start working as an RN and then later on do an RN-BSN program. But I'm worried if it's not accredited I won't be able to get my BSN. Anyone else thinking of applying? Thoughts?
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    I was going to apply there but I worried me that they weren't accredited. Also they don't get great clinical placements and I hear they kinda jerk you around for you clinical hrs.

    I go to chamberlain in Addison and I like it there. Expensive as heck, but you'll get out fast.
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    I was accepted for the fall as well and am a little worried about them not being nlnac accredited. I want to become a neonatal np, so it's important that I can get into an RN-MSN program. From what I was told, the new dean of nursing is working on agreements with several schools in the area to complete your BSN. I'm hoping this is the case :-/
    Are you still planning on attending?
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    @jenk03 - I got an acceptance letter but did not accept it. I decided to apply to Chamberlain because of its accreditation and accelerated length. It would take me just about the same time to get my BSN at Chamberlain as it would to get my ADN at northwestern with all the pre reqs ive taken at junior college. BSN is also more versatile than ADN and I'd like the option of going on to get my masters. I've heard a lot of good things about Chamberlain too. Not so much Northwestern.
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    Their agreement went through you can bridge over to chamberlain, Kaplan, Trinty christain college, and another one that start within E. I asked around with BSN programs before accepting Northwestern, but I will drop out if chamberlain accepts me for spring I'm still waiting to hear something. Anyone going to northwestern this fall?