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I recently applied to NMH. I noticed when I applied, the only attachment included was my resume. For some reason it did not attach my cover letter and reference letters that I have attached in my... Read More

  1. by   JakeyWakey
    If you want to work at Northwestern, I'd suggest that you make some networking connections at Northwestern. I applied to the website twice and was rejected twice. I happened to make a contact at Northwestern who was able to get me an interview. My manager loved me and was offered a position the next day after my in person interview. The moral of this story is that it is very very hard to stand out on Northwestern's online application. I'd suggest attending nursing conferences or seminars to make nursing contacts at hospitals in the city.
  2. by   Noctias
    Hello, I was wondering when you submitted you letter of rec, did you upload it to their website?
  3. by   Noctias
    When you applied, did you upload your letter of rec online or give it to them in person?