Newly Accepted JJC Nursing Students

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    I just received an email letting me know I was accepted into the Nursing Program at JJC for the Spring 2012 semester! I am still on cloud nine!

    I'm looking for any advice that people may have that have been through the program, or for other newly accepted students that would like to meet and be there to help each other once we begin.


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    Congratulations!! I received an e-mail today as well. I am SUPER excited that I am in the program. I was accepted into the Days. I too am looking for any advice or information. I chose the track 3 for the registration day. I can't wait to get all the information for registration.. etc..
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    Where is Jjc
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    JJC is Joliet Junior College in Joliet, IL.
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    Congratulations Beth!
    I'm in the Days program too, looking forward to registration. I feel like it's not going to feel real until then...
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    I agree. I am wanting to get prepared right now. It is going to take forever for the 17th to get here. I am really excited I hope someone who is already in the program can reply to your thread and maybe let us know what to expect, and give us some good advice
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    Hi! I also got accepted into the nursing program-days. I can't wait until the 17th to find out more information... it seems like the days are dragging!
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    congrats...i heard the average gpa was a little high. have any idea on TEAS scores. i need to prepare for February. thanks
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    To jun1120,

    I got into the night program. To give you an idea on gpa and teas: I have a 4.0 gpa. Teas: reading- 88, composite- 88. Email me: yanmartin69@yaho and I can assist you with study tips.
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    Has anyone received a packet in the mail yet?

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