Newly Accepted JJC Nursing Students

  1. I just received an email letting me know I was accepted into the Nursing Program at JJC for the Spring 2012 semester! I am still on cloud nine!

    I'm looking for any advice that people may have that have been through the program, or for other newly accepted students that would like to meet and be there to help each other once we begin.

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  3. by   beth13531
    Congratulations!! I received an e-mail today as well. I am SUPER excited that I am in the program. I was accepted into the Days. I too am looking for any advice or information. I chose the track 3 for the registration day. I can't wait to get all the information for registration.. etc..
  4. by   Vershonda
    Where is Jjc
  5. by   beth13531
    JJC is Joliet Junior College in Joliet, IL.
  6. by   pants_19
    Congratulations Beth!
    I'm in the Days program too, looking forward to registration. I feel like it's not going to feel real until then...
  7. by   beth13531
    I agree. I am wanting to get prepared right now. It is going to take forever for the 17th to get here. I am really excited I hope someone who is already in the program can reply to your thread and maybe let us know what to expect, and give us some good advice
  8. by   hardworkpaysoff2
    Hi! I also got accepted into the nursing program-days. I can't wait until the 17th to find out more information... it seems like the days are dragging!
  9. by   jun1120
    congrats...i heard the average gpa was a little high. have any idea on TEAS scores. i need to prepare for February. thanks
  10. by   Ym69
    To jun1120,

    I got into the night program. To give you an idea on gpa and teas: I have a 4.0 gpa. Teas: reading- 88, composite- 88. Email me: yanmartin69@yaho and I can assist you with study tips.
  11. by   hardworkpaysoff2
    Has anyone received a packet in the mail yet?
  12. by   pants_19
    No, I haven't received my packet yet either.

    Jun1120, definitely consider taking the TEAS prep classes offered at JJC, they are only $5 each if you are an enrolled student (so $20 if you take all four components: Math, Reading, Science, and English). It gave me more of an idea of what was emphasized on the TEAS.

    I also purchased the study guide online for $40, then sold it to a Radiology student once I found out I was accepted.

    My GPA was also a 4.0, TEAS composite 92 and Reading 97.
  13. by   pants_19
    I got one piece of advice from a student in her third semester, and that was to invest in a decent stethoscope...
  14. by   joanie2341
    I am a 4th semester student, so here are some words of advice.

    Be prepared. For theory, try to read the topics before the lecture. It will enhance your learning.

    Show up prepared for clinical. Always bring your stethoscope, pen light, drug book and lab book, and pen/paper.

    Use your ATI books (I think you get these at the end of 1st semester). I use those post-it flags to mark the topics we study in theory so I can quickly locate the material. These books are incredibly helpful!

    Go to your instructor if you don't understand something. Don't wait until the night before a test to try and figure something out.

    Practice, practice, practice! Practice your head-to-toe assessment on family, friends, the other people in your group. Use the skills lab every chance you get.

    Invest in a good NCLEX review book. I use mine for studying for theory exams because there are good critical thinking questions in there. I have the Saunders review book.

    Don't worry if you seem to struggle 1st semester. It takes a while to get used to the type of questions the instructors ask. In a multiple choice question all the answers may be right, and you have to pick the best answer. It's all about application.

    Good luck to you all! I'm sure you will do well!

    Post any other questions you have and I will try to answer them.

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