New grad needs advise

  1. Hi all!! I'm a new grad and I feel like I've hit a wall with looking for a job... I've filled out countless on-line applications and like we all know, everyone wants experience. But how are you supposed to get a year experience if EVERYONE wants a year experience!!?? Anyway, I'm lost at this point with where to look, any advise on where I should be looking, who I should be calling, if I should go in to hospitals rather than apply on-line?? Any advise much appreciated Thanks!
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  3. by   bumLVN
    Just hang in there and keep on filling up applications. For me...going to facilities and filling up their application has worked. It just took me about a few months till I got a job....don't will eventually find one. Good luck on your job's really tough these days but you will find one.
  4. by   may0517
    I feel the same way. I got licensed in February and I have been applying since January. All the hospitals I applied to require at least 2 years of experience. Good luck to all of us hunting for jobs.