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Anyone out there currently in MCON or planning on attending MCON in Peoria Il. There is not much information on this site for Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria Il. I have been accepted for the Spring 2011 and plan on... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    I have to say the only concern with a diploma program is that it can be harder to further your education without taking a lot more classes since you don't get a degree with it.
    How many more classes are needed depends on what your ultimate goal is. The only additional classes required are also the ones required of a BSN, so if you plan on stopping at an ADN, then it wouldn't be worth it. If you plan on pursuing a BSN then all there really is left to do are your BSN nursing classes. I believe my husband has to take two gen eds for his BSN.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "don't get a degree"? Diploma programs (at least, Graham's) place people between an ADN and a BSN, and you most certainly do get a degree upon completion of the program.

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    So I will be attending MCON starting in about 2 weeks.
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    I currently attend MCON. If anyone wants more info I have a blog about it. Please email or IM me: jonhaws (at) gmail (dotCOM)
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    how long after you apply do you know if you have been accepted??
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    i honestly can't remember I was accepted for the fall and defered till the spring so I really can't remember. It was a couple months though
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    can i read your blog??i just applied and am waiting to hear back!
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    the blog is a basic review of some of my experience the good, the bad, and some tips. it is mconmalenurse and it is on blogspot
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    I graduated from MCON (methodist college of nursing in peoria IL). Overall I will say that I in fact am a nurse and now work in a VERY busy Neuro ICU in a Level 1 Trauma hospital in Dallas Texas (Methodist Hospital - - - no affiliation). Some of my favorite professors who made the entire experience worth it have left for bigger and better things which means that the weak professors have managed to linger and probably move up the MCON ranks. In the end if you wants to become a nurse than you will accomplish that at MCON, but you will pay a price, seriously it is wildly expensive and beware of bad instructors, several with simple MSNs from U of Phoenix with little experience in the actual field of nursing. Just focus on Medsurg and Pharm that will help you the most on NCLEX and in your career. Find a buddy and study on your own as much as you can . . . that is how I did it.

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