Lurie Children's New Grad Residency March 2017

  1. Anyone else interviewing for a new grad position at Lurie to start in March?
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  3. by   belll
    Good luck! I will be applying for the October cohort!
  4. by   peanut92
    yes, I am interviewing for a NICU position! What unit are you interviewing for? Have you heard anything about what types of questions they will ask for the interview?
  5. by   chiBSNRN
    Awesome! I'm interviewing for the NICU as well. I have no idea what they will ask, just hoping for the best. Good luck!!
  6. by   peanut92
    Awesome!! Good luck to you as well!! When is your interview?
  7. by   chiBSNRN
    I'm interviewing tomorrow, how about you?
  8. by   peanut92
    Good luck!!! Mine is not until the 19th
  9. by   peanut92
    Hey, how did your interview go today!??
  10. by   chiBSNRN
    I think it went well, now just have to wait! Everyone is so nice! Good luck next week!
  11. by   peanut92
    That's great!!! Thanks!
  12. by   peanut92
    oh also, what types of questions do they ask? Is it mostly questions about why you want to work there, what you can bring to the hospital? etc. or do they ask behavioral and situational questions?
  13. by   chiBSNRN
    Sorry for the late response I was on vacation, but some questions were behavioral. I didn't have situational questions that I can recall. Good luck tomorrow!
  14. by   peanut92
    Thanks! not sure how it went today...It felt a bit rushed at times like I didn't get to say everything I had wanted, but crossing my fingers!