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Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, so I hope I do this correctly.... Has anyone else applied to Lurie Children's New Graduate Program beginning in March? I know that the new graduate... Read More

  1. by   Juliwithoutane
    Congrats! It's a wonderful place to work
  2. by   jesse590

    So I am looking to apply to this program for the August or October start dates. I've been checking every day for the RN-new grad application/job listings to open up and they are never there. I want to email HR and try and get some answers but have not been able to find any contact information. You mentioned that you emailed HR. Would you mind passing along the contact info?

    Appreciate it!
  3. by   Juliwithoutane
    The positions for new grads for August haven't been posted to the public yet, but were up internally last week so any time now! Just keep checking. October jobs won't go up till August-ish
  4. by   NEUrn13
    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing this right! Has anyone heard anymore about the August 2013 start dates for the new grad/RN internship? I've been checking daily since May and nothing has been posted, every time I call HR they say "any day now". I was wondering if anyone had heard if they were still planning on opening up the application to external applicants, or if all the August start dates had been filled by internal applicants? Thanks!
  5. by   Juliwithoutane
    I'm not sure what they're doing exactly but as far as I know my unit is the only unit that's even started interviewing internal candidates. They're really taking their time . Good luck!
  6. by   NEUrn13
    Thanks so much, I really appreciate the feedback! I'll keep checking!
  7. by   AmberRaye
    I also have been checking the website daily for the new grad position and I still have not seen anything since June, when will be the next posting?
  8. by   margaretmcg
    Hi! I will be obtaining my BSN this upcoming May and would LOVE to do the New Grad Residency through Lurie's. Does anyone know roughly how many apply/get in? I didn't do their student nurse program, so I'm curious what my chances are. Also, for any of you guys who got it, what sort of things do you think made you stand out?!
  9. by   spoon
    Hi margaretmcg! I just graduated in December 2013 and was hired for the March New Grad RN Cohort at Lurie Children's. While I'm from IL originally, I went to school out of state so I didn't do the SNA program either. I was however a volunteer there for almost a year before nursing school, but I don't know how much that helped me during the application process. I was told that there will be 14-15 people in my cohort, and I have no idea how many applied.

    I had been given some tips from an alumni from my nursing school who works at Lurie Children's. The first was to get your practicum in peds. I know this is hard for a lot of people, as many schools don't allow a choice. My school allowed us to show preference for where we got our practicum, but they had final say. Thankfully I did get a practicum in peds.

    Additionally, if there is a specific unit you want, try and join that specialties' association or show dedication to that area (fundraising, etc.). I didn't have a specific area of peds I was drawn to, nor did I feel like paying the money for professional organizations while I was still in school. Keep in mind too that not all units hire new grads for each cohort. So maybe your really gunning for the PICU and pay for associations, but the PICU may not be hiring when you go to apply. I was in the leadership of my schools pediatric interest group, so I think anything extra circular that's peds related is a bonus. I also had non-peds related leadership positions in nursing school.

    Make sure to check out the RN Internship Page, as they now list when the applications open up for each cohort. Saves you the trouble of obsessively checking everyday.

    Hope that helps!
  10. by   wiscobadger
    I know this thread is from awhile ago, but I'm thinking of applying to the Lurie SNA program later this week when the applications open. Any tips on what to put in the application or in the cover letter? Thanks!
  11. by   RNing2Health
    I applied SNA - - has anyone heard????
  12. by   RNJ412
    Hi jRN14!
    I have my interview for the SNA position at Lurie Children's Hospital soon and was wondering what the process was like for you and if you have any tips. Thanks in advance!