LPN working as a CNA while in a BSN program?

  1. Hello all,
    I am a currently a LPN who is completing my BSN in Chicago. I know that people who are already working in a hospital have a better chance at finding employment at their facility upon graduation. Knowing this, I feel as if im at a disadvantage because hospitals rarely hire LPN's. I currently workn in home health and have worked in LTC. These are not areas I want to work after graduation. Im willing to step back and work as a CNA while in school to get my foot in the door at a hospital, (ive worked as one before I became an LPN) but no one seems to call me back when I apply. Do you think that hospitals will not hire me as a CNA because im an LPN? I can't omit that info from my app because once they look me up in the IDPH nurse aide registry both professions come up.....hmmm frustrated! Suggestions please!!!
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  3. by   sillyjoRN
    Right now I work as a CNA at a hospital as well as in nursing school for my RN. We are eligible to take the LPN exam this summer. Our instructor cautioned those who are already working at a hospital as a CNA might be let go when they become LPNs. It's due to "role confusion." When applying to a hospital, I would inquire first - some hospitals allow LPNs to work as CNAs.