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  1. Hi IL Nurses:

    I will be graduating from college in May and want a job in Chicago! I would love one in the city but am also looking at Loyola. Does anyone know about their new grad program? I have heard that you rotate through 3 areas and pick your favorite in the end, but that is the extent of my knowledge.

    Any info (or advice) would be appreciated.
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  3. by   bae2012
    Or, really, any kind of information about the hospital itself! I know that I want an academic medical center and I would love to get into critical care, though I know that's not always possible.
  4. by   rn undisclosed name
    Loyola is either in the process of being bought out or it has happened recently. Last I heard employees had not gotten any raises in quite awhile. You may want to investigate further if you decide to interview there.

    All their hospital positions seem to be for nights or rotation.
  5. by   emly
    Loyola was bought by Trinity, I don't think they'll have a name change. A lot of my classmates had clinicals there and enjoyed all of their rotations. They're not known for hiring Loyola grads, or new grads in general really... but that doesn't mean they don't hire. I haven't heard anything about their new grad program. (Didn't know they had one.)
  6. by   poppycat
    The only thing I know about Loyola is that they are so rude they don't even bother to follow up an interview with a letter or phone call.