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    Anyone applying to the Loyola ABSN program for Fall 2010?

    Also, are there any people on here that are in the program or have graduated that can talk about what they like/dislike about the program?

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    I am applying to Loyola ABSN for Fall as well. I have heard great things about the program!!! I am still working on the application materials.

    Have you submitted yours already?
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    yeah i submitted my application at the end of last month.
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    NICE! Have you heard when decisions will be made? I plan on submitting my app in the next couple weeks. Just curious how long the waiting game will be. Are you done with your pre-reqs? I will be done on May 14th which I am hoping won't hurt my chances since the deadline is May 1st for applications. They told me it is fine, but I am nervous because I know how competitive this program is. Are you applying to other programs?
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    i'm in the same boat, i'm taking one pre-req right now and i'll be done in may too. they assured me that it was fine as well considering it's the only 1 I have left. I haven't heard when decisions are going out yet... I called to check the status of my application and they could only tell me that it was forwarded to be reviewed. I was told that there is an interview component so i'm just crossing my fingers hoping I get one. Haven't heard anything yet and haven't really been able to talk to any students that have applied too lol. I applied to 4 other programs: NYU, Georgetown, Concordia-NY, and Thomas Jefferson. I've already been accepted to Concordia College so that definitely takes a little pressure off, but it's not my #1 choice. I have an interview at Georgetown in a week So i'm definitely keeping an open mind. Did you apply anywhere else?
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    CONGRATS on getting accpeted already!!! THAT IS HUGE! Even if it isn't your first choice, it is nice to know you are wanted I am going to apply to Depaul and Rush as well since I want to stay in the Chicago area. Loyola is my first choice, but I don't have the greatest GPA...3.27 overall; 4.0 on my prereqs though. I've been volunteering at a hospital (which I love) so I am hoping they don't ONLY focus on GPA. Let me know if you hear anything from Loyola and good luck on your interview....you'll be GREAT!
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    Thanks! Yeah being accepted to a school already, does feel great! My gpa isn't great either, but I have a high pre-req gpa... And I think that counts for something! So we'll see how it goes. I'm from texas so I'd be an out of state student regardless of which school I go to. So the big thing for me is if I can see myself living in these places lol
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    Well I am sure I am not the first person to tell that Chicago is AWESOME! Great city AND super friendly people, which more than make up for the cold winters
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    yea i actually visited a month ago and got a chance to check out loyola's campus and i liked it alot. i was actually contacted today for a phone interview...but I think it has something to do with the fact that I called them to ask when I would hear if i were selected for an interview. I was told it would be a few weeks, I guess they reconsidered? So who knows how fast things are moving!

    Anyway, good luck with the application!
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    i've been accepted to the loyola absn program for the fall. have u heard anything yet?

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