Loyola ABSN Fall 2013 - page 2

Just starting a thread for applicants to Loyola's Accelerated BSN program this fall. I applied in January but have been waiting for my last recommendation letter to be submitted for a few weeks,... Read More

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    Has anybody heard yet?

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    Not yet.. I keep emailing and they say.. Soon soon soon.. blah.
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    I got in! Just got the letter yesterday.
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    Did your status change online?
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    No it hasn't.. just snail mail letter so far. I'm excited to meet everyone in August!
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    Congrats! I keep checking online but that obviously seems like a waste of time. Where did you do your undergrad and what was it if you don't mind me asking.
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    I did my undergrad at UIC.. Teaching of History. It probably is a waste to keep checking.. When did you apply?
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    My application was complete on February 12th so I will probably hear back soon. I also applied to NYU but that is way too expensive. I am graduating from UIC with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology this May.
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    Wow! That's so soon for a career change!! Well I wish you luck
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    Just got an email about being admitted today, but already accepted a spot in my first choice program.

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