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Just starting a thread for applicants to Loyola's Accelerated BSN program this fall. I applied in January but have been waiting for my last recommendation letter to be submitted for a few weeks,... Read More

  1. by   schern4
    Did your status change online?
  2. by   pwaluski
    No it hasn't.. just snail mail letter so far. I'm excited to meet everyone in August!
  3. by   schern4
    Congrats! I keep checking online but that obviously seems like a waste of time. Where did you do your undergrad and what was it if you don't mind me asking.
  4. by   pwaluski
    I did my undergrad at UIC.. Teaching of History. It probably is a waste to keep checking.. When did you apply?
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  5. by   schern4
    My application was complete on February 12th so I will probably hear back soon. I also applied to NYU but that is way too expensive. I am graduating from UIC with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology this May.
  6. by   pwaluski
    Wow! That's so soon for a career change!! Well I wish you luck
  7. by   rnalwaysontherun
    Just got an email about being admitted today, but already accepted a spot in my first choice program.
  8. by   ddl77
    Same here, northwest. Financially it makes more sense for me to attend the University of Florida since I'm currently a FL resident so I won't be accepting the offer from Loyola.
  9. by   LBradley
    Hey Everyone,

    Kinda late in joining this site! Anyone accepting their offer to LUC ABSN?
  10. by   schern4
    I am. I got into NYU but it's way too expensive. Loyola is a good school too.
  11. by   LBradley
    Quote from schern4
    I am. I got into NYU but it's way too expensive. Loyola is a good school too.
    That's so funny. I got into NYU as well but completely agree with you. It's outrageous. I believe Loyola is a great school. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?
  12. by   schern4
    I'm from Chicago. I am finishing up my Bachelor's in Kinesiology at UIC in May. What about you?
  13. by   LBradley
    Oh thats convenient. You already live in the area. I'm from CA, currently living in San Diego right now. So I have a pretty big move to make haha.

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