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Hello, I am a college student who wants to pursue a career in nursing. I am still getting my pre-reqs for BSN programs, but I want to become a CNA so I have some experience. I volunteer in a... Read More

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    hey, i am an rn at the university of chicago. we have many employees who join us for our tuition reimbursement for cna, rn, and msn programs. i am currently enrolled an msn program and will graduate loan-free, but i know many secretaries, transport employees, etc. who work for uofc just to get their free license. any employee is eligible. www.uchospitals.edu
    hi this message is for chellebelle. do you know if there is any departments within the university that will let you start off before having your cna? i work for the university also. i will be finish with ass. in medical assiting in sep of 09. please give me some advice.
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    For the WIA program..there's no way to access that link unless you're a staff member.
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    hi everyone there is a nursing home by my house that offers a free CNA course the nursing home is called Casa Central the # is (773) 645-2300 my two best friends are doing the program now and awaiting to take the state test hope this helps GOOD LUCK
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    This is the program that I'm currently in. These instructors are awesome.

    The program consists of 94 hours of theory and 49 hours of clinical instruction. Satisfactory completion of the program leads to eligibility to take the state competency written evaluation for certification. A graduate of the program will be awarded a certificate of completion.
    The 8 week program is currently being offered at Saint Mary of the Nazareth Hospital Center in downtown Chicago and Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines.
    For information on our program at Saint Mary of the Nazareth Hospital Center please contact Connie Drogos at 312-770-2357 or Christine Waller at 312-770-2358.