Lakeview College of Nursing Spring 2012 Applicants

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Starting a thread to hopefully meet and discuss with some applicants for the Spring 2013 semester. My friend and I have both applied and are waiting on a decision! If we both get in we will be moving from the West Suburbs of Chicago down to Danville to start in January! It would be great to hear from anyone and good luck to all applying!

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  3. by   mrsmb815
    Hello there,
    I applied for Spring 2013 and just got my acceptance letter today. Super excited and hoping to hear from some more LCN students. It seems like they're hard to find on here. Good luck to you ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
  4. by   Young_Mom
    Hello. I just got my acceptance letter today also. I am currently finishing my last semester at EIU and then In spring 2013 I will attend Lakeview here in Charleston! I am also excited!
    I was raised in Danville. It is a small town with not much to do but go to the movies, bowling and thats about it. Charleston is a little smaller than Danville.
  5. by   mrsmb815
    I will also be at the Charleston campus, not familiar with Danville at all. This is going to be interesting considering I have a family now but I know its the best for everyone.
  6. by   rocky410
    Congrats to you both! Can I ask when your letter was dated? I'm anxiously awaiting mine!!
  7. by   mrsmb815
    Mine says October 16, which is kind of weird but I spoke to Carly (sp?) last week who told me that the committee met I think Thursday and was sending letters out Friday so maybe they postdated the letters. I doubt the mail carrier drove from Danville to get it to my house today :-) I did call Connie early this morning to check my admissions status and she said they were still sending letters out and to wait for mine because she could'nt tell me. Hope you get your acceptance letter soon! Did you apply for Danville or Charleston?
  8. by   Young_Mom
    Mine is postdated for October 15th.
  9. by   Young_Mom
    Do you have a young child? if so you can get a list of Daycares from EIU childcare resource and referral office.
  10. by   mrsmb815
    I have my girls on the waitlist for Charleston Community Daycare but it's not guaranteed. I'm just concerned about paying since childcare resource and referral only assists for your first degree and this would be my second. I'm an EIU alum too. So I'm going to figure out an expense budget and try to find somewhere that might help with childcare costs.
  11. by   rocky410
    I applied for the danville campus! I live in Naperville, about 30 minutes away from Chicago!! I've been stressing so much because my friend was already accepted last month and we plan on living together so I really need to get in!
  12. by   rocky410
    I wonder if Charleston campus gets more applicants because of EIU. Is it right on campus?
  13. by   Young_Mom
    Charleston Lakeview does get more applicants than Danville. No Lakeview is not on campus, it is down the street though.
  14. by   rocky410
    I called today and they told me they are still sending out letters! Guess I will continues to stalk my mailman!