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Hello! New member and also recently accepted into the fall JJC program (yay!):lol2:... So now that I have a summer off before I become submerged in student nurse life, I have been trying to find all the info I can possibly get! I... Read More

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    Although they said we would be signing up for classes in November, when and where do we go for the drug screen, background check, etc... I am pretty sure the titers are on our own to get from our personal MD (or wherever), but are we on our own to get all this other stuff done too? And when is it all due? DON'T FORGET TO GET THAT CPR CARD!!!!!

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    You'll get all that info at orientation. I got a packet in the mail with the physical form.
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    Any of you guys know if you're a LPN already and do the transition, how long does it take to complete? Do you get into 2nd or 3rd Semester ? Thanks
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    Quote from Ede
    Hi, I am starting nursing at JJC August 25th, night classes. How about you?
    Last edit by KtHospiceRNCM on Aug 5, '10 : Reason: haha, I didn't notice the year! This IS 2010, I think!
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    I start my 1st semester in January @ JJC. super excited!
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    Hi I had a couple of questions regarding the JJC program for nursing. I was wondering how it works. Do you go and get pre-reqs then apply to the nursing program? And is it possible to get a bachelors degree in nursing at JJC? What's the highest level of education you can get from JJC?

    -Thank you!
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    The nursing program at JJC is highly competitive. Therefore, the more pre-reqs you have done the higher the chances you have to getting in, though there are some pre-reqs that MUST be taken prior to applying to the program. And no, you can not get a bachelors degree from JJC, it is only a community college, the highest degree you can get there is an associates degree. What I am doing is taking all the liberal arts requirements I need for my bachelor's so that I can transfer them to a university when I am done at JJC. Hope this helps

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