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Joliet and JJC former and current students - page 3

Hello! New member and also recently accepted into the fall JJC program (yay!):lol2:... So now that I have a summer off before I become submerged in student nurse life, I have been trying to find all... Read More

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    The nursing program at JJC is highly competitive. Therefore, the more pre-reqs you have done the higher the chances you have to getting in, though there are some pre-reqs that MUST be taken prior to applying to the program. And no, you can not get a bachelors degree from JJC, it is only a community college, the highest degree you can get there is an associates degree. What I am doing is taking all the liberal arts requirements I need for my bachelor's so that I can transfer them to a university when I am done at JJC. Hope this helps