JJC Nursing Program Fall 2012

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    I've been accepted into the JJC Day Nursing Program for fall '12 ! I am so excited but also pretty nervous! I looked at the class plan out on JJC's website and seeing how I have all the non-nursing classes completed I have cut down my credits per semester and I'll even have my summers off! I really wish I could take those nursing classes in the summer and be done ALOT quicker!! lol
    Anyways I'm just trying to see who else has been accepted into the program !!
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    I'm accepted and will be going to the night program! I'm excited to get started. I don't have all the non-nursing classes completed quite yet, so I'll be taking 2 classes this summer and two next summer. But at least, during the year, I won't have to take any additional non-nursing courses.
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    I also got accepted for fall 2012, I have most of my non nursing classes done so my last semester I will only be taking one nursing class; too bad nursing classes aren't offered in the summer. I can't wait to start!
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    Congrats on getting in!!! I am applying next semester and I am trying to decide between the day or night program, but there aren't many details on the class days & times online. Do you know yet what your schedules are? Thanks so much!
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    * Sorry, I mean just the sched for nursing classes only, I'll be done with everything else next week
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    The class schedule for the day program (on my schedule) are pretty much mon-friday between 7am and 1pm. my classes are pretty much from 8am to about 10/12. Lab Clinicals are scheduled from 7-1pm one day a week. I have one day free during the week because I already have my CNA. And I'm guessing if I didn't i wouldn't have that day free. One class is split up into theory and lab clinical. and each one is split up in two days

    Monday NURS 150 Theory 8-9:50
    Tuesday NURS 150 Clinical Topic 8am - ? not sure what time this class ends either 10 or 12
    Wednesday Clinical 7-1pm
    Thursday NO NURS CLASS
    Friday NURS 150 Theory 8-9:50

    They give you your schedule, you don't pick which class section/time. But they will all be during the day(for day program) or evening ( for night program). There is also an online class aside from these classes.
    Hope this helps.
    And good luck. make sure you're studying for that TEAS test.
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    Congrats on being accepted!! I graduated in December 2011 and watch the boards to congratulate and offer help or advice to all those who follow me!!! Welcome to the world of nursing
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    Congratulations on your acceptance. I just finished 150 semester. Over the summer I took the Physical Assessment class. It's not required but will transfer towards your BSN. I think it helped to keep my brain engaged in nursing over the summer. Just something for you to think about for next summer.
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    I have just taken my teas reading 78% and composite 74.7% with all pre-reqs completed and a GPA of 3.6. Do you think I stand a chance given you probably know a lot of other students accepted and their scores.

    Thank you.
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    I have been accepted into the Spring 2013 day program. I am happy and scared! I was hoping to get a reading list to enable me to get a head start since I went to school outside of America. I am so happy to read all your posts -- they help me stay focused and get a good idea of how nursing school will be.

    Thank you for helping freshers like me get acquainted with the program and school.

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