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Hello - this is my very first time posting a new topic, hopefully I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to see if there are any ladies/gentlemen out there applying into the nursing program for the Spring 2013 semester. We... Read More

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    Hey everybody this is my first time posting here. I FINALLY got into the day program and can't wait to start! It only took me 3 times applying :/ but it FINALLY happened! So I'm curious and can't wait for the 13th, but does anyone know what clinical sites JJC has?

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    PM's sent to: Murse, Tortiz, Irisheyes, Katie, zamrn, strongfaith and Gstar. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone? Everyone else, sorry, you only posted once.
    Please RSVP either way ladies. Thanks so much!

    How is everyone doing?
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    Thank you for your PM. I will try to be there. Registration day is tomorrow. Time sure flew by - anxious and nervous, happy as well! Let's try and relax -- tomorrow will answer some of our questions. And then we have a month before we roll into action.

    Good Luck everyone!
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    Sorry I could not meet up after registration today! I guess we will be virtual until we figure out who's who
    It was a very informative session! I got into clinical group with Michaelene Nash. I ordered my scrubs before registration. A jacket, two tops and two pants for $104.
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    It ended up just being me and Irish. Which was fine, we had a good time chatting.
    I can't sleep. I woke up at 2:30 and had to get up and read all the paperwork again. Just rolling everything over in my mind. LOL. Wow. I feel like a deer in headlights. Tee hee.
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    Sorry I just got the message today. I have been busy with bio 240. In case anyone is with me or not I am in days with the white group/clinical. Which it is with Kania.

    Is any one considering getting the digital copies of the books or just the regular ones?

    Sorry Purple, all nurses still will not let me PM so I cannot respond to it yet. I think I still need several more posts.
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    I need eight more post, seven now. lol
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    I just found out
    digital copies are $267.25
    Package of books are $507.25
    individual books are about $580
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    I'm going to get the physical books. I'm a visual learner so really need actual books. Esp for taking notes and flagging things I may want to come back too.

    Man, I feel like I'm spending money left and right on everything we need. Def going to cut into the Christmas budget.
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    I agree I spent 254 at they fitting, I paid the 70 for back ground (just finished the drug test). Now I have to wait to see what my doctor is going to charge on Friday.

    I figured books for the entire program is about 2170.22 and maybe 1500, for digital plus an iPad 16 GB with retina display ( Ipad mini would be cheaper.)

    that number I figured without the 25% discount on books if bought in a bundle and I used books currently sold for the nursing department for the fall 2012 semester.

    No one can tell me what total book will be.

    I think i might lean towards the digital, even though they expire in 4 years and regular books you can keep forever, I am just not sure yet.

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