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Hello - this is my very first time posting a new topic, hopefully I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to see if there are any ladies/gentlemen out there applying into the nursing program for the... Read More

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    please PM me with the info...love to meet up with everyone Thank you

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum but I have been reading this post from the start of it. Congrats to everyone that got in. I was originally excepted into the nights program, and Katie my TEAS were a lot lower than yours. I got a 75 overall and a 74 on the reading. I think what helped me out is I have completed all prereqs. and I have a 4.0 GPA So that balanced out my overall scores. On Oct. 18 I went and Tlaked to the department and begged them to switch me to days. They did and then commented that they need to call someone to take my night position. Hopefully that was you Katie.

    I think with schedules everyone has a different experience and only comment on what they know. I have talked to other people that have completed the program and the hours are all different. We are at the mercy of who ever we work for and their hours of operation. We just have to suck it up as we will be the peons.

    I also heard that we will be the first group into the new building with a new program, So no-one could really give us advice because because no-one has ever experienced it yet. everything will be new for us as it will be for the instructors as well. From what I understand we will be using all new books from different publishers (not later versions), so we cannot use old studens books. I guess we will be the new guinnea pigs for the program.

    All I can say is lets make the best of it and master everything they decide to throw at us.
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    Congrats Murse I am glad they were able to give you the schedule you wanted. Congrats on getting in
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    I thought the new builiding was opening in In August 2013 but that is very exciting
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    Congrats Murse!

    Does everyone want me to PM the time and local of a meet up? I don't want to over step, but I am a self proclaimed paranoid person when it comes to safety and feel I would do a good job. At this point, I would only give the info to those who have already posted in this thread. No newbies after this post. Sorry, but I must keep everyone safe, and I imagine some people are just plain nose-y and want to know who we are, and not really participate.........so no new people after this. NO EXCEPTIONS. If the time/local doesn't work for most.......then I can start PM's all over with a new time/local that works for everyone. What do you ladies think?

    Meeting place will be at JJC, and sometime after registration so we can compare notes and freak out and be overwhelmed together. LOL!

    If someone else wants to do it, that's okay too. Just putting the offer out there.
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    Tortiz her is a link for the new health care building.

    nd thanks everyone for the congrats. Purpleprn do I qualify as a new person for the group or did I just make the cut off. The funny thing is I bet most of us have been in several classes in the past. I do not want to sound like a total newbie but how do you PM someone?
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    I just found out that I have to have a least 15 quality posts before the PM feature is available to me on this website. At least it is not be being crazy and not knowing how to do something.
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    Just curious, what specialty does everyone want to pursue after they graduate? I think it will be really neat to be a flight nurse, which I guess a person will have to have five years of ER/ICU experience. I just do not really know what a good direction will be, or what specialty will provide the best chance of employment? Thoughts everyone.
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    I will send you a PM murse. I just was waiting to see if everyone else was okay with me picking a spot and doing the PMing.
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    Sounds great. Thanks PurplePRN.

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