Initial License After Passing NCLEX-RN

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    How long has it taken some of you to appear on the Illinois registry? Seems like I sent in my $50 weeks ago and they haven't even cashed it.

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    I am wondering the same thing!!! I can not believe how long it is going to take! I guess I did not realize I would be waiting real long. I have a job that will not allow me to start until my license has posted to the IDPFR website. The orientations are the beginning of each month, so it is looking like now I will be waiting for August! Wish my bills could wait also! Very FRUSTRATED!
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    Agreed! I tested on June 6th and sent in my check for licensure on the 13th. I, too, am in the same boat with orientation. We have ours twice a month and tomorrow is the 2nd one for it looks like I will be waiting until July 10th. Extremely frustrating. Two people that tested with me appeared on the site today. Good luck!
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    I passed on June 9, received a confirmation letter and the form for a license application. I Paid the licensure fee, it has been almost 2 weeks, I haven't received the license and I don't even see my name on IL BON. I am kind of worried because I cannot get a job. Anywhere you go, they will ask for your license.
    Any help? Should I call IDPFR or just wait....I wish my bills would wait too!
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    I tried calling them today but was told by the operator that the dept. we need to speak with has such a high volume of calls good luck getting through...pretty much. The classmates of mine that are on the IL BON site have yet to have their checks cashed (so don't base it off of that). Here's to hoping we show up soon! Ready to get some bills paid off!!!
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    I got thru to them on Monday the 25th and they told me that they are 2 -2 1/2 weeks behind. I wonder what their system is~is it by test date or arrival of the app? I guess the old saying is a watched pot never boils, well a watched website never adds!!!
    Best of luck to you all that are waiting also!!!
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    Have any of you guys heard anything yet?? I have not still waiting!!!
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    Friend got his 25 days after taking NCLEX. 22 days after mailing letter and $50. Took June 2nd.
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    Got another friend that took it June 12th, went up on website July 2nd, so that one was 20 days after NCLEX.
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    I tested on June 6th, got my letter in one week, and have FINALLY appeared on the IDPFR site as of July 2nd. My check was just cashed yesterday so my license should be in hand any day now.
    I hope the rest of you have appeared by now, as well!!

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