Info on Rush/Northwestern?

  1. Hello!

    Hoping someone might have answers to a few of my questions:

    -What constitutes "weekend" at Rush and Northwestern? Where I worked previously if you were scheduled for a weekend it was Saturday & Sunday regardless of being day or night, but I was thinking that this might be different at these hospitals?! Would hate to find out it meant Fri/Sat/Sun or even Fri/Sat...

    -How often do nurses starting at Rush have to work on the weekend or does it depend entirely on the floor?

    -What is the scheduling process for Northwestern & Rush? Self-scheduling or otherwise???

    Any info would be appreciated!!!!! Thank you!
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    At Rush, the weekend night shift is Friday & Saturday night, days/pm is Sat & Sun

    The expectation is 2 weekends per monthm but may actually be less if the unit is heavy on weekenders. Process varies by unit
  4. by   33sugarmagnolia
    Thanks Mr. Chicago! Also I found out that Northwestern's nights are Friday/Saturday for weekend as well for anyone else that might care to know.