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    Hey guys, I'm new to AllNurses and was just wondering if there is anyone on here who is currently enrolled in the accelerated BSN program at Illinois State University.

    I am currently a Junior at ISU and am a declared community health education major intending to get my BSN. My application to the ISU nursing program was delayed for a few reasons, and I am starting to explore the possibility of finishing my BS in community health education and applying for the accelerated BSN program instead of the traditional 2-year route.

    The accelerated program seems to make more sense at this point, since I am very close to a BS in my current major. The Mennonite College of Nursing website doesn't have a whole lot of information about the program, and a little insight from someone who is currently in it or knows of someone who is would be fantastic!


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    Moving to the Illinois Programs Discussion forum to elicit more responses.
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    I didn't even notice that there was an Illinois specific forum. Thanks!
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    No problem! Good luck to you in your program!

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