IL RN license by endorsement (BSN, MSN)

  1. 0 i am currently licensed as a registered nurse in new mexico and florida. i studied medicine (nursing was part of curriculum) in poland, eu. almost three years ago, nm allowed me to take nclex (passed) after evaluating my md diploma. right now, i am taking the bridge program at university of phoenix. i completed bachelor part five months ago, right now studying master in science of nursing and will graduate after 10 months. at the same time, i am working as rn (1.5 years experience as rn in the usa).
    i want to obtain il rn license by endorsement, but i am confused with the nurse licensing in this state.

    should i wait until graduation (msn degree from university of phoenix, so i will have the us education) or should i apply right now?
    any ideas?
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    You have a unique position - I think I would contact the Dept of Professional Regulation and see what they say.

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