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Hi nurses! Currently I am an LVN licensed in CA and looking for endorsement in IL. I graduated from the Philippines, took my NCLEX-PN and passed. I have one year experience working in a Skilled... Read More

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    Quote from yamkins
    Beachy, would that be the same for her even if she has an existing license in CA?

    Won't the CGFNS recommend which units she needs to take in case it's not the same in IL?

    I was pertaining to mostly RNs but I do know some LPNs in IL. Not sure where they went to school for it though.
    it is the same whether she is applying for license by endorsement (already have a license in another US state or territory like the OP) or examination. Even if she was licensed as an RN in CA but not licensed in the country of her education (ie Philippines) she would not be eligible for licensure as an RN in IL (or other states with similar regulations) for the same reason.

    In this case, attending a PN program in the Philippines (no PN programs are recognized by the Phillippine government as a bona fide educational pathway for a recognized credential. LPN's do not exist in the Philippines, however for some reason practical nursing schools do exist. It's kind of like attending a practical nursing program that is not approved by your state's board of nursing. You'd have paid the fees, completed the work but not be eligible for a nursing license in the end.

    Also, the OP stated that here practical nursing program in the Philippines was "credited" by the CA BVNPT. It is my understanding that no US state has the authority to approve or credential a nursing program of study outside of the US. CGFNS exists to evaluate the credentials of an internationally educated nurse to determine if their program of study meets the requirements of the state the person is applying in. If you look at the list of approved vocational nursing programs in CA, only schools physically in CA are approved. Not a single school in the Philippines, or any other country or state is listed as approved by the CA BVNPT. BVNPT - California Approved Schools

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