Harper College RN Program

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    I applied for Harper College RN for Fall 2013. Although a decision will not be made until sometimes in April, I am stressing out because I am not sure if my NLN score is high enough. I have an 88 percentile for composite, and if I add my micro, A&P I and A&P II scores, I have a total of 65 points. Is that enough? Anyone else applied recently and got accepted? What were you scores?

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    you should be fine how did you prepare for your NLN exam? That's the only thing I have to take then I will try and apply for the fall also any help or suggestions to get a good score on the NLN.Good luck and let me know when you get in.
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    I bought the RN pre-nursing exam book that came with a CD which contains sample quistions for each area: verbal, science, math. For the science portion you just need to know some physics, anatomy, .... You know the type of questions, since it seems to took the test before. The verbal is horrible, I have never heard of most of the words on the test. I remeber I almost ran out of time and the last story I did not even read, just answered the questions (the one with the blood pressure). When will you take the test?
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    Thank you I will be taking the test on march 2 and hope to get a good grade I hope I can score in the 80's or 90's. I have the book but the cd has nclex questions on it.yeah I know the English is hard I just need to get a better score in science and math to help boost my score up. I know someone who got in on a 60 last semester so I think you will be fine. Keep me posted and let me know if you get in
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    How did you do at the NLN test? Did you get your results?
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    Hi thanks for asking I did ok when I calculate my points I only have 55. When I went to the info session the last two semesters the median score were 50 and 55 and everyone with that score got in so I'm keeping my fingures crossed praying for a good out come.
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    From reading other post on this site it seems like we will find out by the end of march. I don't know if I will check then I need to have a stressful labor :-)
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    Well done, at least you got this out of the way! Did you take Micro? I wonder how many applicants they have for Fall 2013. I did not go to the info session, but I think they first post online if we are in or not, right? Then we get the letters. Fingers crossed!!!!
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    Yes I took micro already so I will only have nursing classes if I get in. Yeah from other post on here we will find out online first. They did not say how many applicants for the fall but they had 180 in the spring but after they got the mean score they only accept 72 out of the 75 seats they had available. Thanks I want to know but still scared
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    Wow, so they did not even occupy all the spots? Doesn't make much sense! They should probably say from the beggining that the minimum score to apply is....., so people won't waste time and hopes. Do you know how many spots are for the Fall?

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