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I applied for Harper College RN for Fall 2013. Although a decision will not be made until sometimes in April, I am stressing out because I am not sure if my NLN score is high enough. I have an 88... Read More

  1. by   islandgirl21
    Thanks for the update appreciate it. I just realized on the website it finally said closed. Once again GOOD LUCK to everyone.
  2. by   SandRaYiliana
    Results are Up girls!!! I just Accepted my offer! SOOOOO Excited Beyond words. Can't wait to start in the Fall
  3. by   islandgirl21
    Thanks and congrats to you. I just Checked and I got accepted AND accepted my offer I am soo happy beyond words my hard work determination and persistence has finally paid off. All I can truly say is that God is good he knows when the appointed time is and always shows up. Maria and rocki949 I'm waiting to hear from you guys go and check and let me know if I got in you guys did also with your scores. Once again congrats to all of us.
  4. by   rocki949
    I also checked today and accepted my offer!!!! Woooo hoooo! Way to go! I am so excited. Now the real work begins :-)
  5. by   islandgirl21
    yes it sure does. It would be nice if we all end up in the same classes. I'm soo happy for all of us lets have a blast this summer because come 8/26/13 our free time and life will be over for 2 years
  6. by   Maria A
    Well done everyone! I was on vacation for a few days, just got back in town last night and I saw I got in too. Do you guys now is there is any type of orientation we would be attending? Are they assigning us to groups, or do we get to choose our schedule? Schedule is a big deal to me, as I have a full time job that I need to keep.
  7. by   islandgirl21
    Welcome back I'm not sure what's the next step. I went online and looked at the classes because I can register on the 16th at 8am so I'm not sure how it works. I will call to find out. My schedule I choose Mondays 8- 12 nur 112
    Patho mon 12:30-3:20
    Nur110 tue 8-11:50
    Nur 111wed 8-11:50
    Nur 112 fri 7am-2pm

    I just called and the lady said that we can try and register with the general dates they send out but it may not work, but keep in mind if it do work it can change for a variety of reasons. The division department should be sending out a packet. I have not received anything as yet.
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  8. by   islandgirl21
    another update. I received an email today from the nursing secretary today, and my registration date and time is April 16th @8am.
  9. by   Maria A
    It is official, just signed up for classes. I have NUR110 on Tuesday mornings, then NUR11 on Tuesdays mornings, and NUR112 o Monday afternoons and Sundays. I hope I don't need to take NUR180, because I am currently taking it at a different school, and was told I may be able to transfer it.
  10. by   islandgirl21
    Yes it official, I felt nice to actually register today. The fees threw me for a loop but hey much better than most the schools out there. Maria I hope that you are able to transfer your patho class that would be great for you. where are you taking patho.
  11. by   Maria A
    At Oakton. When I applied at Harper, I also applied at Oakton, and took some classes that would match Oakton nursing program, and some that would match Harper program. Oakton is closer to work, and had better schedule for those closes. I was actually accepted in the nursing program at Oakton too, but it seems that I will drop that. At Oakton you don't get to choose your schedule, as they assign you to prearranged groups. The schedule they gave me for the fall semester was really bad and did not fit into my work schedule. Here, at Harper, I put my clinical days on Saturday and Sunday, and this way my work schedule would only be minimally affected. Oakton is much cheaper, as a credit hour is in the 90's dollars. Although I almost fainted then I received my bill from Harper today, I hope it would be worth it, in the long run.
  12. by   islandgirl21
    Oh OK yeah I like that I can choose my own schedule. I Know what you mean about the bill, but I think it will be worth it in the end. We've worked hard to get to this point and we will come out in the end triumphant.
  13. by   Axm611291
    Congratulations everyone for getting in!! Im currently finishing up my pre reqs and getting ready to apply for spring semester!! I cannot wait yet im very nervous about being denied!:/ is the decision made solely based on the points you have out of the total 90? comparing ofcourse to the rest of the applicants
    If you wouldn't mind would you post how many you guys had when you applied ??

    Thank you