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I applied for Harper College RN for Fall 2013. Although a decision will not be made until sometimes in April, I am stressing out because I am not sure if my NLN score is high enough. I have an 88 percentile for composite, and if... Read More

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    you can apply while taking physio at harper but you would have to meet the mean score without adding the physio grade. If you don't have the mean score they will not accept your application you would have to wait until the next application period.

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    I called yesterday to check on the status of the applications, and I was told that they are still receiving applications, because they are still waiting for some results of the NLN test. Apparently the college was closed on the day when a test was scheduled. So now they have to wait for the results of the rescheduled test. I was also told that there just over 80 applications for I believe 72 spots, so the chances of getting in are very high.
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    Oh wow that's nice but I wonder how that will affect the median score with so little applicants. Now I'm really nervous, now I feel like my chances are a bit slim, but hey its out of my hands now I did my best and the Lord shall do the rest. Good Luck to you keep me posted. I'm to nervous to call so I'm depending on you to fill me in on the median score and everything else.
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    Well, at least they told you that much. I did call just now, and Katie in admissions processing would only say that they have not made any decisions yet and that we should know by mid April. :-(
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    I figured since spring break is next week. No news is good news, hopefully the outcome will be good for all of us. Enjoy Easter and have some fun.
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    Update- I called yesterday and they have 99 applicants and only 67 something spots. Have not made any decisions yet.
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    Thanks for the update appreciate it. I just realized on the website it finally said closed. Once again GOOD LUCK to everyone.
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    Results are Up girls!!! I just Accepted my offer! SOOOOO Excited Beyond words. Can't wait to start in the Fall
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    Thanks and congrats to you. I just Checked and I got accepted AND accepted my offer I am soo happy beyond words my hard work determination and persistence has finally paid off. All I can truly say is that God is good he knows when the appointed time is and always shows up. Maria and rocki949 I'm waiting to hear from you guys go and check and let me know if I got in you guys did also with your scores. Once again congrats to all of us.
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    I also checked today and accepted my offer!!!! Woooo hoooo! Way to go! I am so excited. Now the real work begins :-)

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